The Reichert Company also serves as an independent, confidential resource for other client advisors, including accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, and specialists in the areas of business valuation, deal financing, and real estate.

As a Certified Exit Planning Specialist (CExP) with six additional designations in estate planning, life insurance, and retirement and charitable planning, Don Reichert has worked closely with professional advisors throughout his career. His background has given him a deep understanding of your needs and concerns as well as the ability to speak your language in helping you address your clients’ needs, specifically in the areas of exit planning, business planning and life insurance.

Services can be provided behind the scenes through your firm, or via direct client interface on a case-by-case basis. Simply put, our goal is to add to your credibility and enhance the relationship you have with your clients.


Creation, coordination and execution of the Seven-Step Exit Planning Process in concert with your team
Business Owner services such as Executive Compensation Plans, Buy-Sell Arrangements, and Key Person Insurance
Fee-based, forensic review and analysis of life insurance contracts, illustrations and pricing decisions
Evaluation of insurance company strength and performance
Fee-based, insurance policy monitoring and management so that policy performance and benefits remain on track and continue to meet the client’s objectives
Identification of life settlement options and their probable costs, utilizing the only FINRA approved process available
Second opinion underwriting consulting to help avoid the risk of being denied coverage or the surprise of receiving an offer that is significantly higher than expected in premium costs
Private briefings for attorneys and accountants on exit planning, insurance industry issues and standard practices, and our proprietary process tools

If you are ready to start planning for your business exit, then give us a call and we will help guide you through the process of cashing out of your business and moving on in style and on your terms.

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